Medical Education

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Medical Education Department

The Department of Medical Education (DME) at Swat Medical College Swat is at the forefront of planning, organizing, implementing, and overseeing the overall curricular activities of the integrated curriculum in collaboration with IHPER, KMU Peshawar. It plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, aligning with the global trend of integrating basic medicine with clinical aspects horizontally. Its role is not only limited to faculty development and research promotion but also includes supervising the exam cell, providing insight into the Quality Enhancement Cell, Curriculum Committee, Organization, and Management of the Curriculum for accreditation bodies, and educational policymaking. So far, the DME has successfully achieved grade/category A level through PMDC inspection. Furthermore, DME has proudly introduced the policies and SOPs of Exam Cell, Paperless Feedback, Paperless Faculty development programs, and a Guidebook for CME activities.

The mission of DME is to uphold the highest professional standards in medical education, focusing on student-centered learning and fostering excellence while improving the curriculum through the provision of support, training, recognition, and awards to exceptional educators, thus ensuring the delivery of exceptional medical education. It is dedicated to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and research capabilities within medical students. It actively organizes faculty development programs to enhance teaching methodologies and contribute to continuous improvement. The prime focus is to meet the high standards set by PMDC and WFME and collaborate with national and international institutes in health profession education, aiming to contribute to global advancements in medical education.

Committed to modernizing curricular delivery through advanced information technology and upholding global standards in medical education, DME strives to create professional, ethical, and up-to-date skilled graduates.

Faculty Development Program series 2023

(Workshops, Seminars, Conferences)

  • Undergraduate Medical Research
  • Preparing Effective Lecture
  • Writing Meaningful Learning Objectives
  • How to prepare MCQ
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Handson workshop- SPSS
  • Curating study Guides


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