Information Technology

IT department

The IT department in today’s digital world is considered as the backbone of the system running any institution. IT infrastructure in the building facility of Swat Medical College is one of its kinds spreading to each and every corner. IT department of the College is established in an efficient way headed by a qualified IT manager who is assisted by his team which includes Network support engineers, computer operators, Web developers, and IT support technicians. IT department’s prime objective is the maintenance and enhancement of the quality, reliability, accessibility and security of information applications and services throughout the premises of the College to support students, faculty and staff in ways that carries forward the College towards achieving its objectives. IT team is dedicated to make sure the availability of smooth and uninterrupted internet services via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, address all the issues regarding technology, provide support for operating systems regarding hardware and software to staff, students and faculty throughout the premises of the college.On the other hand Web developers continuously work on developing and updating the official website of the college. Library IT resources are provided to facilitate students and faculty, consisting of well-maintained and highly specified desktop computers with high speed internet connectivity. Digital library is provided to the students on the network which could be accessed freely from anywhere inside the premises of the college.

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