Pharmacology Department

The subject of Pharmacology, rationally meant to be the base of all medical treatments, is taught rd at STMC to the students of MBBS 3 year. The highly qualified and experienced faculty members carry out the teaching schedules. Fields of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics are covered diligently. Both the basic and clinical aspects of knowledge of drugs / medicines are covered. The objective is to enable the medical graduates to prescribe drugs rationally to their patients for cure or primary therapy, suppression of symptoms, prevention and diagnosis of diseases. Moreover, they should be able to monitor drug therapy, detect and manage or poisoning of drugs. Students are familiarized with the different dosage forms of drugs, along with their routes of administration and calculation of the doses. Experiments are designed in which the students demonstrate the effect of selected drugs on suitable animals/ tissues in a well equipped laboratory. The observations are correlated with their clinical uses.

Faculty Members