Pathology Department

The subject of Pathology, considered as the pivot, around which all the clinical sciences revolve. It is a bridging discipline between basic sciences and clinical medicine. The subject of pathology is related to the study of causes, mechanisms involved and effects of diseases on the body and about various modalities used for diagnosis of these diseases. Knowledge of the subject is very conducive in understanding processes and interpretation of laboratory reports. STMC is privileged to have the highly qualified , experienced and dedicated faculty members in the department of pathology, committed to impart the professional knowledge of the subject rd th to the students of 3 & 4 yearMBBS. The different disciplines within the fields of pathology are Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Histopathology and Microbiology. A large number of laboratory investigations, both specialized and routine are carried out in the department for patient care as well as for educational and research purposes. Modern teaching aids and facilities including a well maintained pathology museum and diagnostic laboratories contribute towards achieving the desired objectives.

Faculty Members